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We have selected for you the best toys that perfectly meet the play needs of a kitten. The choice is based on our own findings and the feedback from our customers. Do you have a toy that your kitten loves? Let us know about it. 

Why playing
is important

Play because it is part of the development.

Kittens are known for their playful behaviour, running, climbing and jumping. Playing is actually an essential part of normal development and helps the young cat develop social and motor skills that adult cats would normally need in the wild. Around the age of 10-12 weeks, this play behaviour is fully developed.

Play to avoid boredom.

A cat has so much to discover, and yet boredom can set in if there is nothing challenging left to discover. That is why it is important to play at regular intervals. Playing helps to burn off excess energy and keeps your house tiger exercising his skills.

Play to imitate nature.

Provide a variety of toys for your cat, just as in nature there is a wide range of spiders, birds and field mice for a wild cat to chase. Wild cats hunt up to 20 times throughout the day. So it's a good idea to stimulate your kitten at least three times a day with interactive games and mini play sessions.

Playing to strengthen the bond with your cat.

Spend some time with your cat every day! This will ensure that both you and your pet can bond, relax and have fun together! However, cats need a lot of attention every day. Cat toys are a necessity for your kitten. They help keep your kitten happy, fit and healthy.

Play to reduce stress.

Understanding your kitten's needs and encouraging play will help them to get their development on track, build self-confidence and reduce stress and/or aggression. Feelings of anxiety, especially when moving to a new home, tend to diminish, allowing kittens to relax and adjust to their new home environment.