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Tabby Tijger and Cat Coach Julie

Together with veterinarian and Cat Coach Julie Houtmeyers, we offer practical and reliable information for cat owners of all levels. Especially for Tabby Tijger Julie provides insight through some fun videos that you can watch for free.


Playing is one of the most essential activities for the cat.


Welcome to our page where we discuss the importance of playing with your cat. Playing is indeed one of the most important activities for cats, not only because it helps them exercise and satisfy their hunting instinct, but also because it plays an important role in strengthening the bond between you and your cat.

By playing with your cat, you can encourage him or her to be physically active, which is essential for their health and well-being. It can also help prevent boredom and behavioral problems, such as aggression or destructiveness.

On this page we will discuss different ways why you should play, how you should play and also, for example, how long you should play with your cat. 

So, if you're looking for ways to strengthen the bond between you and your cat while helping your cat stay active and healthy, feel free to check out our Tabby Tijger videos and discover the many benefits of playing with your cat.


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TIP 1 - Why play with your cat?

Playing with you is important because your cat is a hunter!
She is built to climb, jump, chase, seek and catch.

Cat coach Julie explains why it's so important in just over 1 minute.

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TIP 2 - How to play with your cat

That play is important you already know by now. The next step is how best to play with your cat. We often hear that the cat doesn't feel like playing or that the interest disappears after a few minutes.

Cat coach Julie explains in a little more than 2 minutes how to play.

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TIP 3 - How long and when to play?

On average, you may play with your cat 2-3 times a day. Don't worry, it doesn't always have to be long. It can be a few minutes to a dozen minutes. But what if your cat doesn't feel like it, or you don't feel like it?

Cat coach Julie explains in just under 2 minutes how best to handle this.

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TIP 4 - Which toy fits best?

Cats love little things that run and move to chase and catch them. An ideal way to get toys moving is the Tabby Tijger cat rod.

Cat Coach Julie will show you some fun toys in just over 2 minutes.

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TIP 5 - After playing, put everything away!

Always put away the fishing rod after playing. That way, you're going to avoid the cat biting on the fishing rod or toys, which might cause it to swallow small particles. We want to avoid that, of course!

Cat Coach Julie explains in just under 1 minute why it's best to do that.

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TIP 6 - After playing, always reward!

A play session is also best followed by a reward. This can be with a reward toy or a nice healthy Tabbies snack. This way you make sure the cat is not left frustrated when you suddenly stop playing.

Cat Coach Julie explains in a little over 1 minute what the possibilities are.

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Julie Houtmeyers
Veterinarian & Certified Cat Coach