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The Herbal Lounge

Only the best is good enough for your cat, which is why we offer the highest quality herbs available today with our own brand 'NipNaps'. Our NipNaps herbs are partly incorporated into some of our toys such as kicker cusions, but you can also find them in a small dose of airtight jars. 

We use glass jars so that the scent is preserved and the herbs do not eventually mix with the scent of the plastic packaging that is offered in most cases. Moreover, the jars are easy to close.

NipNaps tries to keep the herbs 99.9% pure so that your cat can enjoy them in a safe and especially healthy way. NipNaps cat herbs contain no chemicals or sprays and only dried chicken manure is used in season to increase the biological activity in the soil.

Why give herbs to my cat?

Herbs are a great treat that can be used in training, or to encourage your cat to use a scratching post or sleep in its own nest. It is also a good way to encourage your cat to exercise, it may even help your cat to relax. Whatever the reason, it is an added value for the cat.

How long can I store NipNaps herbs?

Thanks to the airtight glass jars, the NipNaps herbs keep their scent much longer. If the jars are stored in a cool place (yes, even in the refrigerator), NipNaps herbs can even be kept longer than 12 months.

Toys containing herbs are best kept dry (!) in a bag or bread box. Add a spoonful of our NipNaps herbs to the bag, so the scent of the toy stays fresh even longer.

What is Catnip?

Catnip is a residual herb from the mint family. It originated in North Africa and the Mediterranean but now generally grows throughout Europe and North America. Nicknames of the plant, catnip or catmint, are no doubt inspired by the fact that cats rather like these plants.

The catnip was harvested at the peak of the season and carefully processed fresh to ensure proper drying for ultimate potency.

What is valerian?

What is valerian and is it safe for my cat? While the human reaction is one of sedation and relaxation, cats are calmed by the smell of valerian. To humans, valerian has an unusual odour that resembles sweaty socks. Cats have been naturally attracted to valerian for centuries. In clinical studies, it has been proven that cats who had consumed 10 mg/kg of valerian extract had a significant decrease in restlessness, anxiety and aggressive behaviour. Valerian as a scent stimulant is recommended by the Feline Advisory Bureau.

What is matatabi?

The Matatabi tree is related to the Kiwi tree and grows in Asia, especially in China and Japan. The Silvervine herb has a very special effect on cats. It contains a substance that cats like, which helps them to relax. Matatabi contains Actinicin and matatabi lactone. These are alkaloids that influence the nerve impulses in the brain. We often notice that cats that are naturally relaxed are less interested in the herb than cats that are under stress. Many cats start rolling and rubbing when they come into contact with the herb. After playing, the cat is calmer, the pupil decreases and it often washes and sleeps.

What is tiger mix?

The NipNaps 'Tiger Mix' is a very finely ground blend of matatabi twigs, ground and roughly chopped catnip and dried valerian root. All together in the right dosage so that every house tiger can find something to his liking.