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the drink bowls

After playing, a big sip of water is needed to regain cat's strength. With these Tabby Tijger ceramic drinking bowls, your little feline will do so in the greatest style. Each bowl is made of ceramic finished with a matt glaze and fitted with a stylish bamboo holder which gives the whole a beautiful Scandinavian look.

However, water is just as important to a cat's survival as it is to humans. 60-70% of their body weight is water. If your cat's current water bowl is deep and narrow, it may touch her whiskers, which is uncomfortable. The Tabby Tijger drinking bowl has a wider surface area so there is more room to drink.

How much should your cat drink per day?

The amount of water your cat needs to drink depends on her size, activity level, health and diet. If you have trouble getting your cat to drink water, there are a few ways to encourage her.

Place drink bowls EVERYWHERE!

Location is key. Place a few water bowls like the Tabby Tijger drink bowls scattered around your home. Do not place water bowls near her litter box. This can make her feel uncomfortable and cause her to stop eating, drinking and using her litter box. She also doesn't like having her food and water bowl close to each other.

Make sure there is the same amount of water in the bowl every day.

Stay consistent with maintaining the water level. Do not let it drop to the last few drops and do not fill it to the brim one day and then only halfway the next. Stay consistent. Some cats start dipping their paws because they are not sure where the top of the water is on any given day. Cats like consistency in their daily routine.

Fresh water every day!

Fill the bowl with fresh water daily. Cats are very sensitive to taste and if the water sits too long it will taste stale. Food and dirt particles can accumulate in the water, which can affect the taste and also provide an opportunity for bacteria to build up. If your cat dips its paw into the water, it is also contributing to the build-up of bacteria, as that paw may contain dirt, dust and grime from having been in the litter box or just coming out of the garden.

Clean the drinking bowl every day.

It is fine to add fresh water every day, but also clean the bowl itself every day. Hair, dirt, saliva and food can stick to the sides. Wash the bowl with a drop of detergent and then rinse all traces of soap thoroughly before filling it with fresh water again. Traces of detergent can burn the cat's tongue and also give the water an unpleasant taste. So take care!