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Most cats love fish. Whether it is the taste or the look, we are not sure. But what we are sure of is that your feline friend is going to love this fish. Tabby Tijger cuddle fish to your pet cat's complete delight. The 'cuddle fish' is made of sturdy textile and richly filled with NipNaps herbs which makes it irresistible to all cats. Moreover, thanks to the 3D printing, it looks very lifelike!

NEW: this cushion has a closure at the bottom so that you can always add herbs. The cuddle fish is refillable with NipNaps herbs.

ATTENTION: there are cuddly fish for sale on the internet that are slightly cheaper. Please note that these are not filled with our NipNaps herbs and contain a metal zip. Our product is completely safe for your cat's teeth. Only Tabby Tijger and our outlets offer these!

The kicker cusions are available in 4 different herbs; Catnip, Valerian, Catnip or Tiger mix.

kicker cusions with organic NipNaps catnip are perfect for cats who are fed up with the same old plastic balls and cheap mice with love embrace! This teething cushion not only smells good, but looks great too.

The trappable cushion measures 30 cm long, 9 cm high and 6 cm thick which ensures that both kittens and adult cats can play with their front and back legs.

TIP: Give a toy with valerian for 2 days to the cat and then put it away for 2 days in a bag or bread box and offer it again for 2 days. This way, the scent stays longer and it remains very attractive for the cats every time. You can always add a spoonful of our NipNaps herbs to the bag. In this way, the cushion stays fresh even longer.

Important: The pillow may become damp as a result of nibbling and gnawing. Make sure the kicker cusions is dry after playing before putting it in a bag or lunch box!

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  1. Ellen Kerkhofs (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    We thought that our 14-year-old cat had lost the ability to play, but after doing some research we realised that we were offering him the wrong cat toys. So at Tabby Tijger We bought a whole collection for our 2 cats to find out what they liked. This is really the cream of the crop, it's great to see him playing with it. As far as our 14 year old cat is concerned, we should have bought this many years ago.

  2. Maaike (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    We had unpacked the order late at night and put the fish on the counter. When our cat came to get his food in the morning (highlight of his day, he loves his food) he ran in a straight line to the fish, and then played with it for 15 minutes next to a full set of eyeballs. Best purchase ever, according to Goose!

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