Bromflie Teaser 40cm

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How often have you seen the cat chasing a fat humbug that dares to fly into the living room? It remains a fun experience! With the Tabby Tijger Bromflie Teaser, you can experience this 'cat & fly' competition every day. The teaser has a thin iron wire that is slightly bent and in front a fly with almost real wings. The wings are made of translucent Mika foil.

Either way, this teaser will provide hours of fun from your seat.
And the little cute fly, made of black felt and white tulle, survives every time. Over and over again!
You must have this fishing rod in your house!

Available in two lengths:
40cm: 20cm stick + 20cm wire, ideal for short play (taking pictures, cat show, etc.)
60cm: 20cm stick + 40cm wire

Please note that the humbug on this teaser is not replaceable by any other toy.

2 beoordelingen voor Bromflie Teaser 40cm

  1. Haike

    My cat is very playful, but gets tired of toys rather quickly. However, this teaser is by far his favorite toy ever. He never gets tired of it and has already worn out a few. Highly recommended!

  2. Tina Tuerlings

    This really is the best purchase ever! Our cat is playful but loses interest in toys easily.
    But with this flying toy, he only stops playing because he is exhausted himself. He runs after it as if his life depended on it, and if you put the stick somewhere in between, he plays with it on his own. Delightful!

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