Tabbies Fish

After the playtime it is time for a reward. And it can be a tasty and healthy snack. The Tabbies consist of freeze-dried pieces of cod that are particularly popular with cats. Take our word for it!


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Tabby Tijger Tabbies Fish: The Perfect Reward for Your Cat!

After a play session, your cat deserves a special treat. With the Tabbies Fish from Tabby Tijger, you offer a healthy and tasty reward. These snacks are not only tasty but also nutritious.

What makes Tabbies Fish so special?

- Freeze-Dried Fish: The special process of freeze-drying, where the fish is stripped of moisture with minimal heat, retains all the essential nutrients and natural flavor. Sound complicated? It's just a cool way to preserve all the goodness of fish without losing the flavor.
-Grain-free: Ideal for cats with allergies, Tabbies Fish is completely grain-free.
-Resealable Packaging: Preserve freshness with the convenient resealable packaging.
-More Flavors: Also try Tabbies with chicken or Tabbies duck for even more variety.
-Use Tip: Sprinkle some Tabbies crumbs over your cat's usual food for an extra taste sensation.

Nutritious and Natural:
Tabbies Fish is more than a snack; it's a healthy choice that reflects your cat's love and care. Thanks to the freeze-dried process, natural flavor and important nutrients remain intact, so your cat enjoys a pure and authentic taste experience.

Availability and Care:
Tabby Tijger Tabbies come in a variety of flavors and are suitable for all cats. Remember to always keep fresh drinking water available for your cat.

Treat your cat to the delicious and healthy Tabbies Fish and watch them love it. With the natural ingredients and freeze-dried process, offer a reward as loving as you care for your pet. Order now and make every meal a feast!

One package contains +/- 70grams

cod 100%
proteins 89%
fats 2.6%
crude fibre 0.26%,
crude ash 5.6%,
moisture 1.8%

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