Mrs Sizzz

Net zoals die andere Sizzz, is Mrs. Sizzz één van de sluwe serpenten die geen uitdaging uit de weg gaat. In de natuur worden slangen vaak gekenmerkt door een zeer lang en dun lichaam en het ontbreken van ledematen. Maar deze Miss is anders! Mrs. Sizzz laat zich maar al te graag doorheen de lucht zwieren. Of nog beter, over de grond sluipen…

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We already had Mr Sizzz, but now there is also Mrs Sizzz, the 'lady version' so to speak.

Like the other Sizzz, Mrs. Sizzz is one of the cunning serpents that never shies away from a challenge. In nature, snakes are often characterised by a very long and thin body and a lack of limbs. But this Miss is different! Mrs. Sizzz loves to slither through the air. Or even better, crawling on the ground...

Tabby Tijger Mrs Sizzz is made of soft buffalo fur and has a leather tail with fine cow hairs from Montana and Wyoming (US). Its mouth is also made of leather and extends to the tail. There are no hard elements in this toy, so the cat can let itself go completely.

2 beoordelingen voor Mrs. Sizzz

  1. Daisy30

    Until now Mrs.Sizz is the favorite toy of our Norwegian Forest Cat Ozzy 15 years old. When dusk falls Ozzy sits ready on the stairs and waits for Mrs.Sizz because she often appears then.

  2. Sjarel, 5 months old kitten.

    In the evening, when my husband dims the lights, it happens. The soft rustling gives it away: it's Mrs Sizz! Wiggling her hairy tail defiantly back and forth, she sneaks around the corner. She's asking for it! I'd jump her in a second, but I know how cunning she is. So I sneak up on her until I see my chance. Yes, hunting Mrs Sizz is always an adventure. And when she's finally about to give up, she invariably flees to my dining area, where she takes one last leap before plopping down like a steak. I drill my teeth into her and feel the blood seep through my fangs. My infamous left slaps her in the air again, but she comes down lifeless. I want her raw!
    When my belly is full, I cuddle up to my human, because it is nice that he always hunts with me, even if he sometimes gets in the way. And I forgive him for bringing Mrs Sizz to safety again with his trick with the steak. So I will soon be able to chase Mrs. Sizz again!

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