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James Denim Matatabi

Dit mini-trappelkussentje is voor de echte rebel, met een stoere jeans-look voor echt stoere katten! Hiermee laat je zien wie ‘de boss’ is en dat je maar beter afstand bewaard! Elke verwijzing naar James Dean, de iconische acteur uit de jaren 50 is puur toeval.


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This mini kick pillow is for the real rebel, with a tough jeans look for really tough cats! This will show you who "the boss" is and that you better keep your distance! Any reference to James Dean, the iconic actor from the 1950s is purely coincidental. But we are sure that after playing with the bouncy cushion for a long time, your cat will feel like a star. Along one side the pillow contains jeans and on the bottom a solid orange or yellow color. At the back it is finished with fleece ribbons.

This trapper cushion is smaller (+/-12cm without ribbons) than the Missoni kicker cusions from our range, so ideal for kittens, for example.

This cushion is refillable for endless fun.

Naturally, these kicker cusions are already filled with a substantial portion of USDA certified organic NipNaps catnip, dried NipNaps valerian root or our 'secret' Tiger mix. The kicker cusions are available in four different herbal varieties; Valerian, Catnip, Tiger Root or Silvervine/ Matatabi.

This kicker cusions with organic NipNaps catnip are perfect for cats who are fed up with the same old plastic balls and cheap mice with love embrace! This teething cushion not only smells good, but looks great too.

The trapper pad measures approximately 10 inches long and are also 4 inches thick which ensures that both kittens and adult cats can traipse with their front and back paws. Because these are handmade, the kicker cusions you receive may sometimes look slightly different from the picture. Rest assured, yours will look just as cute!

The trappable cushions can now be opened at the top by means of a well-hidden and secure Velcro fastener, which makes it possible to renew the herbs and wash the cushion!

TIP: Give a toy with herbs to the cat for 2 days, then put it away in a bag or bread box for 2 days and offer it again for 2 days. In this way, the scent remains longer and it remains very attractive for the cats every time. You can always add a spoonful of our NipNaps herbs to the bag. In this way, the napkin stays fresh even longer.

Important: The pillow may become damp as a result of nibbling and gnawing. Make sure the kicker cusions is dry after playing before putting it in a bag or lunch box!


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