Bought a kitten for the first time in my life. I thought my british shorthair kitten was lazy actually. With the rods I had bought from garden centers and at pet stores, I really had to put a lot of effort into getting them going. I got my order in and had bought the Kitty starter bundle. Must say she smelled the rod for a while and from the moment I started moving it, I have never seen her run, fly, somersault through the air as fast as she did now. So after 10 minutes she was completely exhausted, something I never had before so from time to time she started sprinting around the rooms like crazy. Also included were spring feathers (couldn't even take one out of the bag or she was already off with it). A royal flutter was also in the package but this one is for testing next time. Included in the box were treats such as a bag of dried frozen chicken snacks. Must say I thought I could only give my kitten creamy things because I already tried snacks but she spit them out immediately. So I thought well try it can't hurt. Before I knew it the piece of dried frozen chicken was gone! Finally, I really like seeing Bo like this! Definitely going to order from here and also have a browse at the snacks, treats and such and see how she reacts to those but I am already a fan! I definitely recommend trying the rods. Playful greetings from Bo🐾🐾