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Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig is known to us as Guinea Pig. And guinea pigs make great playmates for cats. Yep, we know! So guaranteed months of fun with this toy. Unlike a real guinea pig, this toy makes no sound and will not keep you awake at night, unless the cat is chasing its new play buddy all night long...

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Guinea Pig: The Ultimate Playmate for your Cat, Without the Noise!

Are you looking for a toy that will entertain your cat for months? Meet the Guinea Pig, the perfect playmate for your cat that makes no noise and won't keep you up at night!

Why is the Guinea Pig so Special?
- 00% Authentic Fur Hairs: Made from fur hairs of wild hares from Germany and Poland, living in natural outdoor environments and protected under European Animal Welfare laws.
- Irresistible for All Cats: Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, this toy has tremendous appeal to cats of all breeds.
- No Catnip Needed: This toy contains no specific catnip but is still irresistible to your cat.

Silent but Effective
Unlike a real guinea pig, the Guinea Pig makes no sound. So no worries, your cat can hunt all night without waking you up! If you want to treat your cat to a unique and stimulating play experience, the Guinea Pig is the perfect toy.

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  1. Goossens

    Wonderful to see Kiki play. It was a hit as soon as it was unwrapped. She jumps, she tramples, she throws it in the air and she runs around the house with is comical and a bliss to see her play with it. Truly a success!

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