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The Boinkz are great to hunt!
Bonks are popular toys to train your cat's hunting instincts. You can shoot the Bonk, after which your cat will in most cases fanatically chase it to catch its 'prey'. Bonks are made of nylon and will last a long time, even if your cat takes this toy in its mouth to run around with it.

This cat toy is suitable for both kittens and older cats who occasionally like to remember their childhood.

Contents: 6 pieces per pack



Frequently asked questions

All Tabby Tijger toys are made by hand and with the greatest care. However, never leave the toy unsupervised with the cat. It is a sturdy material but prolonged biting can cause loose pieces that can be dangerous for the cat.

Yes, it is! Simply replace the toy by sliding it over the hook (the principle of a paperclip) and hooking the new toy in. 

Change toys regularly. That keeps the cat happy.

Cats are solitaire players so it is always best to play with one cat at a time. Spin the rod through the air and let it rotate on the ground. For best effect, let it fly away from the cat and hide it in corners, both on the ground and in the air. After playing, store the cat toy rod safely away from the cat.

Because all our toys are handmade, the size, colour and details may sometimes differ from the picture on our webshop. 

2 reviews

Nicky Moor

Very nice!

Especially my cat of 4 years really likes the Boinkz. He can also spend hours playing with uncooked spaghetti, and this is a very nice and safe alternative without having to vacuum afterwards: ) The sound they make when you rub them twice is also very interesting for the cats. My kitten doesn't really understand what to do with it, so it's nice that the older cat has something that isn't taken away from him :)

Melanie Lahousse

Been looking for a year ...

My cat is absolutely crazy about it, have been looking for a year for toys that she can get away with. This one keeps her busy for hours and makes her tired.

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