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Missoni Green Matatabi


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This teething cushion is for the real fashionistas. Plenty of stripes and zig-zags, so if your cat looks a bit drunk, it's not because something has been squashed into the water bowl but rather because the Missoni stripes are a bit hypnotic. Not to mention the matatabi that fills the cushion.
And if that's not enough: after playing with the cushion for a while, the little stars start spinning around.
The cushion has beautiful Missoni prints on one side and a green colour at the bottom. At the back it is finished with fleece ribbons.

This cushion is refillable for endless fun.

Naturally, these kicker cusions are already filled with a substantial portion of USDA certified organic NipNaps catnip, dried NipNaps valerian root or our 'secret' Tiger mix. The kicker cusions are available in four different herbal varieties; Valerian, Catnip, Tiger Root or Silvervine/ Matatabi.

This kicker cusions with organic NipNaps catnip are perfect for cats who are fed up with the same old plastic balls and cheap mice with love embrace! This teething cushion not only smells good, but looks great too.

The cushion measures 23 cm long and contains an additional 10 cm of fleece strings. They are also 4 cm thick which ensures that both kittens and adult cats can play with their front and back paws. Because these are handmade, the kicker cusions you receive may look slightly different from the picture. Rest assured, yours will look just as cute!

The trappable cushions can now be opened at the top by means of a well-hidden and secure Velcro fastener, which makes it possible to renew the herbs and wash the cushion!

TIP: Give a toy with herbs to the cat for 2 days, then put it away in a bag or bread box for 2 days and offer it again for 2 days. In this way, the scent remains longer and it remains very attractive for the cats every time. You can always add a spoonful of our NipNaps herbs to the bag. In this way, the napkin stays fresh even longer.

Important: The pillow may become damp as a result of nibbling and gnawing. Make sure the kicker cusions is dry after playing before putting it in a bag or lunch box!


Frequently asked questions

All Tabby Tijger toys are made by hand and with the greatest care. However, never leave the toy unsupervised with the cat. It is a sturdy material but prolonged biting can cause loose pieces that can be dangerous for the cat.

Yes, it is! Simply replace the toy by sliding it over the hook (the principle of a paperclip) and hooking the new toy in. 

Change toys regularly. That keeps the cat happy.

Cats are solitaire players so it is always best to play with one cat at a time. Spin the rod through the air and let it rotate on the ground. For best effect, let it fly away from the cat and hide it in corners, both on the ground and in the air. After playing, store the cat toy rod safely away from the cat.

Because all our toys are handmade, the size, colour and details may sometimes differ from the picture on our webshop. 

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