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Lion Bundle


This bundle contains toys for the slightly more punishing house tigers!
TT Black Edition 90cm
Funky Pheasant

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In stock

In stock

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This bundle is ideal for the real home tigers who are not afraid of 'The real stuff', a super flexible rod in exclusive black with a big solid rotating bird, a Tabby Tijger Funky Pheasant and Struzzo to add to the ground offensive. Because some cats (such as Bengals, Main Coons, and other active breeds) often have some extra sturdy toys on their list, we've teamed up with cat experts to put together a bundle that will make sure they can get some serious flying in.

In addition, you get a 365-day guarantee on your cat rod after registration.


Frequently asked questions

Cats are solitaire players so it is always best to play with one cat at a time. Spin the rod through the air and let it rotate on the ground. For best effect, let it fly away from the cat and hide it in corners, both on the ground and in the air. After playing, store the cat toy rod safely away from the cat.

Check out our tip on how best to play with your cat: 

We would like to emphasize that although our toys are sturdy, it is important to never leave them unsupervised with your cat. The material can withstand prolonged biting, but repeated chewing can dislodge small pieces that can be dangerous to your furry friend.

Safety is our first priority. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check that the toy is still in good condition. If you notice any loose pieces or if the toy is damaged, replace it immediately to avoid possible injuries.

Yes, it is! Simply replace the toy by sliding it over the hook (the principle of a paperclip) and hooking the new toy in. 

Change toys regularly. That keeps the cat happy.

When ordering a handmade toy, you can be confident that you will receive a product that has been made with great care. Although the dimensions, colors and details may sometimes vary slightly compared to the photos on our web shop, we believe that this is precisely what adds to the charm of each unique piece.

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