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TT Instinct 65cm + Bird


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This is the reference in terms of cat rods! The Tabby Tijger 'Instinct' cat rod is a high quality fiberglass rod to which you can attach the different fillings of the Tabby Tijger range.

The Tabby Tijger fishing rod comes with a Standard Vogel Deluxe and is therefore ready to play from the package.

The main features are:

- More control during swinging movements thanks to two new sizes. Research has shown that 90cm and 65cm are the ideal sizes for more comfortable rod handling

- Has a sturdy black braided polyamide cord with a thickness of 2.1 mm that is made of 16-head durable braided nylon

- Contains a rotating swivel at the top of the rod with a pull of no less than 77kg!

- Has an Easy Snip-Snap lock at the bottom of the black cord that allows you to change the toy in a convenient and above all quick way

- A silicone cover that can be slid over the Snip-Snap lock to prevent the cat's teeth from coming into contact with the metal.

**In order to guarantee a longer life span of the string, the Snip-Snap lock and the toys, it is important to replace the silicone protective cover regularly (protective coverssold separately).

- Made of reinforced feather-light fibre for flexibility and a translucent soft-grip sheath for extra comfort when playing

- Includes a cap at the back of the rod, so the back of the rod always remains intact over time

And thanks to the double swivel carabiner at the top of the rod, there is no risk of the cord twisting while playing, which enhances the joy of playing.

The Tabby Tijger cat pole is the first and only cat pole with a 365-day guarantee




Frequently asked questions

All Tabby Tijger toys are made by hand and with the greatest care. However, never leave the toy unsupervised with the cat. It is a sturdy material but prolonged biting can cause loose pieces that can be dangerous for the cat.

Yes, it is! Simply replace the toy by sliding it over the hook (the principle of a paperclip) and hooking the new toy in. 

Change toys regularly. That keeps the cat happy.

Cats are solitaire players so it is always best to play with one cat at a time. Spin the rod through the air and let it rotate on the ground. For best effect, let it fly away from the cat and hide it in corners, both on the ground and in the air. After playing, store the cat toy rod safely away from the cat.

Because all our toys are handmade, the size, colour and details may sometimes differ from the picture on our webshop. 

10 reviews

Erica Van Mulders

My cat is already coming past

My cat only has to see the rod or the toy on the rod and she already comes to an end. Which I don't take for granted as she is a very shy cat and easily scared. The fishing rod is the ideal way to make contact with her in a very positive way. After playing I put the fishing rod away somewhere where she can't touch it. Sometimes I forget to close the door where the fishing rod is and guaranteed she will come running with that toy when she could get it. It also flies really nice!


As soon as I bring it upstairs, it's party time.

What a success this fishing rod is with us. It comes with clear instructions on how to play and what not to do. The cats love their new toy. The finesse, the turning of the bird, the rotation of the top. Really great. As soon as I take it upstairs it is a party. I store it nicely and never let them bite the wire or the bird. Just hunting. The Max! Very happy that I have discovered this toy!

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